SDK Agencies runs a Quality Management System (Q.M.S.), based on the ISO 22716:2007 principals, over seen by our compliance department.

SDK is continually audited internally as well as by our growing list of blue chip clients, ensuring that our high standards are unremittedly adhered to, the result of which is product, which is consistent in quality and performance.
All SDK’s formulations are developed utilizing F.D.A and E.U approved raw materials.
All formulation types have been thoroughly researched and have passed the relevant stability testing. Comprehensive product dossiers are available on all formulations, outlining their chief characteristics and attributes.

Our in house laboratory is equipped with the leading technology to both test all formulation types & assist in any legislative related questions.


SDK Agencies was founded in 1988 and has grown into one of South Africa’s largest cosmetic manufacturers, serving a host of leading companies both local and international.


  • Political Climate-South Africa is a stable democratic country with a dynamic constitution comprising and enshrined with values and morals similar to most leading first world countries.
  • Language-Although South Africa has many languages stated on its official list of languages, English is the predominant spoken language. Communicating with a company which speaks and understands English as its first language is always easier than attempting to convey great detail across different languages.
  • Time Zone-South Africa Standard Time is the time zone used by all South Africa and is two hours ahead of UTC (UTC+2) and is the same as Central Africa Time. This time is very close to that of Europe, Africa & Latin America, permitting communication and trade to take place during similar times.
  • Communication-South Africa’s communication capabilities rival that of many leading countries. SDK Agencies’ facility is located in the hub of the Information Technology sector, namely Midrand and is equipped with world class bandwidth, firewall & back-up capabilities.
  • Geographical Location-SDK Agencies is located in Midrand, Johannesburg-South Africa. Johannesburg is the largest economy of any city in Africa and has a world class infrastructure for railing and shipping purposes.
  • Climate-South Africa’s climate is one of both mild summer and winters with no extreme temperatures experienced in any of the seasons. Furthermore, force de majeure such as that of hurricanes and earthquakes are not common to this region.


  • Whilst comprehensive South African labour laws do exist, nonetheless the cost of labour is extremely competitive in relation to Europe, North America and in many cases against Asia.
  • SDKs staff does not fall under any type of union or collective bargaining council.
  • South Africa’s law emanates out of Anglo/Dutch law which is considered familiar to most western companies.