SDK has consolidated its reputation as an industry leader, by utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, whilst keeping abreast of formulation and raw material advances in the market place.

SDK is committed to adhering to world class manufacturing standards and is an accredited ISO 22716:2007 cosmetic manufacturer, applying stringent standard operating procedures (S.O.P’s) to all its processes. The result of which is product, which is consistent in quality and performance.

All formulation types have been thoroughly researched and have passed the relevant stability testing. SDK Agencies is equipped with a state of the art laboratory which includes the following standard equipment: pH Meters, Balances, Viscometers, Pulverisers, Incubators and Stability Ovens. These are regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure reliable results. SDK Agencies also have specialised equipment to best assess our wide product range including: Conductivity Meters, Centrifuges, Infrared Spectraphotometer, Penetrometer and Rheometer.

SDK utilizes its own water purification system which incorporates reverse osmosis, deionisation, UV light and ozone (O3) for all its water needs.

Product dossiers are available on all formulations, comprehensively outlining their chief characteristics and attributes.

is continually audited by our growing list of blue chip clients, ensuring that our high standards are continuously adhered to.


SDK Awards & Accreditations

ISO 22716:2017 Accreditation – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices – see ISO 22716:2017 certificate